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4 déc 2023 à 17:37 For Romanian food discovery, we thought it was the average restaurant to do so, but it’s more like Romanian kebab. Don’t expect quality. For what’s sold, it’s way expensive. Do not recommend! If you still wanna try, try 1 dish max, save your money.
3 nov 2023 à 16:04 Malgré le retard le repas est quantitatif et qualitatif! Super bon!! Merci
15 jui 2023 à 20:59 Just had my order delivered via Take away and I had the unpleasant surprise to have mold in the food and that’s making me doubt the quality and safety vs hygiene issues concerning their products.
29 jun 2023 à 19:11 The Radauteana Soup I would have liked to have a more potent taste of garlic and to be a bit more acidic, still good nonetheless, just a personal preference, portions are alright and tasty.
27 jun 2023 à 14:50 Potage tomates boulettes toujours au top !
23 jun 2023 à 21:54 Please not order, delivery time wass veeeery veeery long (2hour). Before order was 35-60min, after order have arrived after 2 hours Not recomand
12 mai 2023 à 21:43 This time the bean soup was worse than always - there were small, red beans instead of large white ones and too little of it.
4 mai 2023 à 18:47 Very tasty and very hefty portions. :)
2 mai 2023 à 22:10 Délais de consigne respectés, portions généreuses et plats délicieux. Merci et à la prochaine !